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No matter if this is the first step in your music journey or your 100th, we have a pricing model perfect for you!

First Month With Welcome Bundle

  • 1 Month of Weekly Lessons

  • Registration

  • Location/Services

  • Music Writing Book

  • Music Playing Book

  • Binder and other essential materials

Per Month

  • 1 Month of Weekly Lessons

  • Registration

  • Location/Services

All lessons are to be paid in advance by the month.

Payment options include e-transfer, cash, cheque, credit and debit. Please sign up and talk to your teacher for more information.

As a courtesy to the other students before and after you, please be punctual with your arrival and departure times to avoid disturbing the lessons of others.

If reasonable notice is given (24 hours or more), a lesson can be rescheduled to an alternate time. Any missed lessons not rescheduled in advance will not be made up or refunded.



Introductory - level 4


We will focus on:

  • The keys, mainly around middle C, using the correct finger numbers
  • The correct hand position and a smooth, musical touch
  • Note names as well as the note values
  • Developing the ear to recognize intervals and rhythms
  • Using the voice to sing the note names, note values and count the beats


levels 5 - 7


We will focus on:

  • An expansion of the understanding of music theory and notation
  • More intermediate concepts studied to further develop fluency in reading and writing music
  • Heavier focus on technique and fluidity
  • Exploration of intricate rhythms and polytonality
  • Futher development of musical interpretation


levels 8 - 11


We will focus on:

  • High level of proficiency
  • A wider range of styles and historical periods
  • Curriculum includes RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music)
  • Technique increased to support the complexity of the pieces
  • Striving towards a well-rounded musical interpretation for a polished performance


All piano students should bring their song books and music writing books and a pencil, ruler and colouring pencils to every piano lesson.

Students will get a date stamp in their song book on each new song to indicate what is expected to be practiced.

For every song that is played properly, a merit stamp will be given. All dated songs without a merit stamp should continue to be practiced.


Every piano student should manage to be well prepared for their first year piano examination. There are two parts of the piano examinations, music writing called: theory and the playing part called: practical. The exams are held in May. Two quality framable certificates are issued with your children's names printed on them.


For students that are prepared there will be a nice piano class recital one evening in June for the piano class students to perform for their parents, other family members and friends that may wish to attend. Students must know their song(s) to be invited to perform in the recital.


Usually, students that give up did not bring their music books to to their lesson and did not practice at home. You can do it! Bring your books! Practice! Practice for at least 10 minutes at home every day.

Most beginning piano students have managed to have a great success with learning to read music to play the piano!

What About You?

Many piano class students have become very successful composers, performers and even piano teachers!

Warmest Regards,

Your Piano Teacher's